What exactly is GAGM?

GAGM (graphic arts gallery of melbourne) is presently an online gallery dedicated to exhibiting the work of culturally significant and historically influential graphic artists and designers. GAGM curates exhibits of domestic & international graphic design (& designers), both current & retrospective. Graphic design/art may include (but is not limited to) printed works such as posters, advertisements, packaging, branded materials, signage, art prints, photography & also motion works such as titles, animation and advertising. GAGM publishes articles about issues affecting the graphic design industry; and interviews with leading studios and designers from across australia and around the globe about their processes and inspiration. GAGM was established as an educational resource and repository online offering access to meaningful content regarding the graphic arts accessible to anyone. The Graphic Arts Gallery of Melbourne aims to acquire, catalog and preserve significant works of cultural interest to further the understanding and enjoyment of design for domestic and international audiences.